I study topologically ordered quantum spin systems using operator algebraic methods. More specifically, I study these systems using techniques from algebraic quantum field theory.


  • Boundary algebras of the Kitaev Quantum Double model (with Mario Tomba, Shuqi Wei, Brett Hungar, Kyle Kawagoe, Chian Yeong Chuah, and David Penneys). (arXiv:2309.13440)
  • Local topological order and boundary algebras (with Corey Jones, Pieter Naaijkens, and David Penneys). (arXiv:2307.12552)
  • An algebraic quantum field theoretic approach to toric code with gapped boundary, J. Math. Phys. 64 (2023), 102301 (DOI:10.1063/5.0149891, arXiv:2212.01952)


Email: wallick (dot) 43 (at) osu (dot) edu
Office: Math Tower 200

Picture of Daniel Wallick